Pinheads, Rogue Cells, and the Blood of Virgins

When my life rolls along untroubled — like the brookie-rich meander of the Upper Taylor River back when I was a kid, before hordes from the lowlands swarmed Colorado to destroy Taylor Park and nearly everything else of value located a mile or more above sea level — I am resolutely agnostic.

When life surges disturbed — tumbling dirty and chaotic, a flash flood in a New Mexico arroyo — I quickly pivot to Episcopalian, of a sort.

When I pivot, I find myself in good and familiar company, and quickly set aside my hypocrisy. Continue reading

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Time To Change, Time For Success, With Little Time Left

I slump last week in the big leather chair in the living room, at the end of a long day of art-related agony. Beverage in hand I pontificate, reminding my grandsons of the fact their existence is fortuitous, not to be taken for granted and wasted.

“You know, boys, if a specific guy had ejaculated prematurely five thousand years ago, or a certain woman said ‘No, I have a headache’ two hundred years ago, you wouldn’t be here now. The fact that you exist is incredible, with no Bronze Age religious bullshit needed as an explanation. To sum up: a door is open, step through — anything you dream of accomplishing is within your reach. Dream big, lads. Go for it!” Continue reading

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Pyotr, Bulgarian Orphan Goo, and Waterloo Teeth

The shoulders and arms move, the butts are immobile; no quivers shiver from mid-spines earthward.

I hear Rimsky-Korsakov’s Overture to May Night, and Ravel’s Piano Concerto in G, with pianist Helene Grimaud; after an intermission, I listen to Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5 in E Minor, Op. 64, performed by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

And I watch butts. Continue reading

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All Hands To The Poop Deck — This Ship Is Sinking Fast

As an advocate of unmitigated expression, I have posted no so-called “trigger warnings” as introductions to pieces on this website.

This is a first.

ALERT! — If you are in the slightest way vulnerable to offense and upset, if you suffer a case of the vapors when you are made to feel uneasy, please do not read the essay that follows. Enjoy a cup of tea, nibble on a few cookies, stroke your cat, be patient and wait for the next piece, coming in several weeks. If you ignore my counsel, and dive into what follows, and find yourself disgusted and dismayed, don’t send a comment detailing your distress. You were warned, you chose to be triggered. Continue reading

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