I’m jumping ship.

I’m shutting down the Siberia With a View website and, with a nod to Samuel Langhorne Clemens, I’m turning things over to Everett Karl.

Everett is one of my favorite writers and I’m certain he will uphold the sterling SWaV tradition on Substack, with The Hafwit’s Diary.

The Substack site will include everything that appeared on SWaV and, given Everett’s odd but sensitive creative manner, new material will appear on a regular basis.

You gotta pony up a piddling amount to read most of the pieces on the Substack site, not much, but it’s worth it. Use your credit card; you won’t notice the expense.

Everett promises me he will share any subscriber revenue with me “when the time is right.”

Everett refuses to give me free access to The Hafwit’s Diary, so I too will pay as a subscriber. I’ll get it back, though, “when the time is right.”

Go now to Substack. Dial in The Hafwit’s Diary, by Everett Karl. Support Everett and, “when the time is right” you will help me purchase extra Ensure at the care center.

The Hafwit’s Diary, by Everett Karl, on Substack.

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Boris, Al, Jim, and a Pinched Scrotum

It is late autumn, the aspen have turned. We crest the summit of the pass.

A strong tailwind pushes us as we begin our descent.


Me, Boris.

Boris Ballsack.

My new name, according to my wife, Kathy.

I come by the first name following a visit to a Russian market in Denver.

My new surname is prompted during a road trip with extended hours at the wheel, and ill-fitted underwear. As a man gets old, precious body parts sag, and when caught up by similarly sagging inner thighs and fabric… Continue reading

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Hash, Dogs, and Bean Sludge — A Man of the Pepple

I’m old, cruising into the home stretch. I don’t have a lot of time left. I couldn’t care less about most of the crap I deemed important years ago. I’ve dumped a lot of luggage at the roadside during this last leg of my trip.

I don’t require much now, so I take a spin as a temporary Man of the People. Or “Pepple,” as my friend Johnny says.

I’m in the MoP mode for a month.  Continue reading

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Peppers, Pigs, and Plastic Pleasure

My friend, Bart, tells me that he’s found the love of his life.

This is the fourth time he’s found the love of his life.

I exaggerate.

I’ve taken in more than a bit of THC, and I‘ve been drinking my best friend Tito’s homemade vodka since 1 p.m., so allow me to make a correction. Not about the loves, but about Bart.

To be accurate: I have an acquaintance, Bart, who informs me about his new, and allegedly everlasting love.

“Everlasting” is obvious to folks like Bart, revealing itself upon first glance or introduction. I am puzzled: in my experience love is something that changes and develops, with setbacks and surges, with work, over time. But, what do I know? Continue reading

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