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We’re outta here!

I’m no chauvinist, but there are some things we have here in the good old USA that flat-out clobber our rivals in other parts of the world. We’re not talking about sappy clichés here — the flag-waving jingoistic stuff, the … Continue reading

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Akashic. Gesundheit!

I’m chubby. Thus, from what I’m told, I am out of the loop socially, politically, economically. While I am a member of a large group of overweight folks, I am not in the vanguard in our celebrity-driven culture. I will … Continue reading

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Cheese chemotherapy

You go to the doc. You endure the tests and you hear: “You’ve got cancer.” I’ve wrote about this in my newspaper column in The Pagosa Springs SUN, detailed the blood tests, the exams, the biopsies, the MRIs, the visits … Continue reading

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