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Summer: Time to vacate

Vacation, n. act of vacating, to cause to be empty or unoccupied. I’m driving the worst possible vehicle to have on the streets of Los Angeles – a 1993 Chevy pickup with a manual transmission – and I’m stuck in … Continue reading

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Battlin’ the Kozy jones

I’m obsessed. I’ve got a serious jones, and I can’t shake it. This is nothing new: I’m prone to obsessive behavior, to fixations and addiction. Always have been. If a substance or experience has the potential to inspire addictive behavior … Continue reading

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Finally, part of a team

I’ve decided what I want to do when I grow up. At various times over the years, I considered fireman, jet pilot, playboy, hero. All good, eh? I realized at 6:11 a.m. this morning, however, that I want to be … Continue reading

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It’s the season … “they” are back

Elwood and his wife, Eileen, are happy. Very happy. It’s a gorgeous summer day. The Collegiate Peaks are beautiful, massive, rising beyond the valley below, just west of the brief commotion known as Buena Vista. The air is crisp and … Continue reading

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