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Waiting for the still point, the end of the set

They’re all gone, but me.   I have a photo, a black and white pastogram.   A group of five young men gather atop a pile of rubble, in front of a single-story brick structure in Boulder, Colorado. A sign … Continue reading

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Tagging Thals in the Wadi

I read an article about a find at a site in Israel that yielded evidence supporting the claim that so-called “modern humans” had sex with Neanderthals. Made babies. The couplings took place a long time ago. Back at least as … Continue reading

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Al and Ane on the train to Sleazeville

Call me Alvin, call me Ane.   Every now and then, I experience something that reveals connections previously unrealized, gives birth to revelations about self, society and the human condition. Since I rarely leave the basement, the experience usually involves … Continue reading

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