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Pre-Socratics, Priests, and Presidents

Heraclitus of Ephesus is said to have uttered something to the effect that “Opposition brings concord.” The man was a crank and lived in a cave, so it’s easy to understand why he believed strife was necessary. It’s reported that … Continue reading

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A Travelogue: Deep in the Ass of Texas

I open the door to the house, Kathy steps in. I stumble across the threshold, close the door behind me, shed my clothes and deposit them in a pile on the floor, waddle to the bedroom, collapse on the bed, … Continue reading

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Be Prepared, You Might Leak

I call my daughter, Ivy, to discuss how she can be of assistance once my atoms scatter. “You’re leaving me with four- to five-hundred paintings and drawings when you die, so I refuse to deal with anything else, “she says. … Continue reading

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