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Hash, Dogs, and Bean Sludge — A Man of the Pepple

I’m old, cruising into the home stretch. I don’t have a lot of time left. I couldn’t care less about most of the crap I deemed important years ago. I’ve dumped a lot of luggage at the roadside during this … Continue reading

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Ted, Madness, and The Veneer

Every three months I receive a page-poor promo magazine in the mail, sent from the school I attended — then a college, now a university —and at which I taught for a number of years. Note: a reader should regard … Continue reading

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Take Note, Chip: Don’t Eat the Sushi

Trouble’s on the way. I receive a warning as clear as a roar and rumble created in 1850 by 50,000 buffalo as they stampede across a wide plain towards a rickety wagon jammed with fever-blasted settlers. Listen! Here comes trouble: … Continue reading

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Metaphors, Nightmares, Trucks at the Packing Plant

(Whenever my wife reads one of my pieces and says, “I’m not sure you should post this one — people may not know you’re kidding around,” I realize I may have hit for extra bases, perhaps even put one out … Continue reading

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