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Take Note, Chip: Don’t Eat the Sushi

Trouble’s on the way. I receive a warning as clear as a roar and rumble created in 1850 by 50,000 buffalo as they stampede across a wide plain towards a rickety wagon jammed with fever-blasted settlers. Listen! Here comes trouble: … Continue reading

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Metaphors, Nightmares, Trucks at the Packing Plant

(Whenever my wife reads one of my pieces and says, “I’m not sure you should post this one — people may not know you’re kidding around,” I realize I may have hit for extra bases, perhaps even put one out … Continue reading

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Cheetahs, Tacos, A Search For The Divine

I chat with my 6-year-old grandson, Bodhi Valhalla King, as we examine a “cruise ship” he constructs with short lengths of 1×2 pine. We eat triple cream Brie with spoons. It’s 3 p.m., and I’m deep into another major league … Continue reading

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Buy Your Tickets Now, Blockbuster Pending

I fritter away precious hours dog paddling through the murk in the Web Swamp, checking out You Tube videos featuring performances by the young Lennon Sisters, and examining black and white pornographic photos snapped in the late 19th and early … Continue reading

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