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Quarantine Delirium: Duck Legs and Drunks

It’s the cocktail hour, straps slip off the thought box, the contents spill out and scatter. For the sake of entertainment, I think, let’s say there’s a god.

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A Plan Rejected, A Price To Pay

Great ideas, no response, ugly results. Happens often. Usually, I get past the disappointment; the bruise heals, the insult fades. Not this time The plague is upon us, and this prompts me to remember an opportunity lost, to rub a … Continue reading

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Dr. D Taunts The Tribe

Donnie forks a load of material through the entrance to his chow chute. The governor issued an order requiring restaurants to close indoor seating service and go to take-out only. It’s pandemic time, kids. Wake the fuck up, and shelter … Continue reading

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Skull Damage, Super Jumbos, and The Plague: Time to Fly

Recent events have me thinking. More or less. A theory: head injuries are a factor, if not a major factor, influencing the course of personal and collective human experience and history. The head injury holds its own with disease in … Continue reading

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